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Emmanuel Church is working for the spiritual, social and cultural renewal of Oxford


We want to help those seeking faith to learn about and meet their Creator through Jesus Christ.

We love this city. We love the creativity, beauty and diversity that can be found here – from Blackbird Leys to Summertown, from the universities to the MINI Plant. We think everything good points to the Creator who made it, and so we want to celebrate and support what’s good about Oxford when we see it. And where things could be better we want to serve and support those who are working to improve them.

We want to help those seeking faith to learn about and meet their Creator through Jesus Christ. We want to provide a great environment for people to connect with God. And we think the best way to do that is with others, which is why we gather together on Sunday mornings and scatter throughout the city in Connect Groups during the week.

We believe the church should make the city a better place to live, and so we support projects and people who are trying to make life here better for everyone - particularly the poor. We’re already involved with serving refugees, helping people gain employment and contributing to the local foodbank, and we’re always looking for more ways to serve.

And we encourage people to use their gifts and passions in a way that brings our city to life – whether in the arts, medicine, education, academia, business or anywhere else. We want to see Oxford flourish, and we want to play our part in that by connecting faith with everyday life.


We are a Christian church that believes in the authority of the Bible for our life and practice


We sit within the evangelical Protestant tradition of the Church as a whole. That means that as well as embracing the beliefs outlined in the Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed (along with Christians of all other traditions), we also affirm the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith. You can read these creeds and statements here.

That said, there is no requirement to hold to a certain set of beliefs to attend our church services or be part of our community – all are welcome.


Where we've come from


Emmanuel Church began in 2005 when David and Margaret Coak moved to Oxford from Cambridge with a small group of people. There were already many fantastic churches in the city, but this group of pioneers felt they had a unique contribution to make in partnership with them. The first Sunday service was held in September 2005, and the first leaders were appointed in April 2007.

Originally meeting in Cheney School in Headington, we grew substantially over the next few years, not least due to a steady stream of students from Oxford and Oxford Brookes universities. In February 2007 our Sunday services moved to Magdalen College School on The Plain (pictured), and in September 2016 we moved to Oxford Spires Academy in Cowley, where we currently meet. Despite moving further out of the city, we still felt that we should be a church for the whole city. So, in September 2017, we started a second site, to serve Central and North Oxford, which meets in Oxford High School Junior.

From the earliest days we wanted to be a church that served our city, holding events such as a family fun day on Cowley Road, running regular Alpha courses, and getting involved with projects to serve the poor and disadvantaged.

Now over ten years old we continue to gather every Sunday and scatter during the week in Connect Groups throughout the city, and we're excited to see what's next.


We think that churches work best when they’re not trying to go it alone


We're passionate about working in partnership with other churches and organisations in our city and nation. The groups we work with include:


We’re part of Newfrontiers, a family of around 1000 churches in over 80 different nations. newfrontierstogether.org


Within Newfrontiers we’re part of Catalyst, a network of churches aiming to make disciples in the nations of the world. catalystnetwork.org

Evangelical Alliance

We’re members of the Evangelical Alliance, the umbrella body representing the UK’s two million evangelical Christians. eauk.org

Love Oxford

We’re closely involved with Love Oxford - an annual gathering of churches in Broad Street to worship God and pray for our city. loveoxford.org


What we do is only possible thanks to teams of people across every area of church life


The eldership team is responsible for leading the whole church – teaching and caring for people, and ensuring we stay on the mission God has called us to.


The staff team are responsible for supporting the various projects and programmes the church runs.

Leadership Team

The leadership team take responsibility for various projects and programmes within the church.

  • Tom Wilde profile image

    Tom Wilde

    Chair of The Trustees

  • Matt & Wendy Partridge profile image

    Matt & Wendy Partridge

    East Site Team Leaders

  • Robert and Louise Grayson profile image

    Robert and Louise Grayson

    East Site Team

  • Vincent and Machilu Van Bever Donker profile image

    Vincent and Machilu Van Bever Donker

    Central (North) Site Team

  • Paul and Helen Billingham profile image

    Paul and Helen Billingham

    East Site Team

  • Dave & Jude May profile image

    Dave & Jude May

    Central (North) Site Team Leaders

  • Chris Pearson profile image

    Chris Pearson

    East Site Team

  • Roger & Hannah Mason profile image

    Roger & Hannah Mason

    Central (North) Site Team


The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.

Psalm 24:1 (NIV)