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Don't Waste Your Life

As we start a new talk series Senior Pastor, Matt Partridge, explains the aim of "Don't Waste Your Life".

Having spent some time in the exposition of 1 Corinthians I think it is timely to have a four-week mini-series with a topical theme. The series is inspired by a book by John Piper with the same name. We want to make God the central purpose of our life, refusing to be side-tracked by lesser things. Through this mini-series we will seek fulfilment and contentment in God rather than happiness through other means.

The main aims of this series will be

  • To give people a BIG view of God and his purposes for their lives
  • To help people set the coordinates of their life towards God – avoiding blind alleys & spiritual coolness later down the line
  • To teach people how to live their everyday life – in work, family, leisure, friendship etc. with God FULLY at the centre – thus maximizing their enjoyment, fulfilment and fruitfulness cf. John 10:10

The first talk of the series, ‘Living with no regrets’, focused around the question ‘What does a wasted life look like?’ and how can a wasted life be avoided? Part of the talk mentions getting stuck in to Christian biographies. I recommend the following:

J. Hudson Taylor: A Man in Christ b Roger Steer

D.L Moody: Moody without Sankey by John Pollock

George Muller: Delighted in God by Roger Steer

Hudson Taylor & Maria: A Match Made in Heaven by John Pollock

You can listen to the sermon series as they are uploaded by following this playlist: