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Influence 2019

Earlier this month, a group of 18-30s from Emmanuel Church travelled to Southampton for Influence. Maddy Ellison shares her thoughts and reflections on the event:

I suppose the name of the conference gave a vague idea of the purpose, however it wasn’t until we arrived, and the first session started that I knew it was relevant to me. Not only do I fit within the required age range, and call myself a Christian, but I also know that God’s heart is to see all Nations saved by His Son, our Saviour.

The day was filled with sung worship and teaching from various people involved with the Catalyst Network of Churches. The main teaching, and concept behind the conference, was from Matthew 9:37 where Jesus said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”, or as some translations say, ‘the labourers are few’. What does this mean for us? The harvest is ripe now, there are people ready to hear the good news about Jesus, and we need labourers ready to take up the calling to get stuck in. If the thought of that responsibility cripples you, fear not; when we realise our frailty, we realise that we are nothing without God, and we have no choice but to depend on Him. Through prayer and deeper reliance on God, He will equip you for this calling by His protection and provision.

Influence helped me to realise that the time has come to steer clear from laziness, passivity and convenience. Influence helped me to realise that doing God’s work is not always easy, it takes hard work but the fruit is vast. It was a great day to meet other Christians in the same age category, encourage each other, pray for each other and celebrate this exciting commission as one body. The time has come to start taking the call to share the Gospel with all Nations seriously. I would highly recommend going along to Influence in the future – you will leave inspired and commissioned to influence our generation.