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Kids' Party

Our Kids' & Youth worker, Ben, recently threw a party for the children at Emmanuel. A year on since he started his role, he has taken this opportunity to reflect on how the kids' work has grown in Emmanuel over the last year:

On Saturday 27th October we gathered all the children and their parents for a great, big party! It was a fantastic opportunity for the families across both of Emmanuel’s church sites to gather together and have a couple of hours of relaxed fun. It was a fantastic day that accumulated into a fun-filled, energetic afternoon of games, balloons and a lot of toilet paper!

The first hour involved a series of group games that encouraged everyone to get up and run-around. Games included ‘Keep the balloon up’ and ‘Pass the Parcel’. We then had an opportunity to stop for snacks and a drink and even made time for a craft activity.


The second half of the party was reserved for team games… and what better team game than wrapping up adults in endless rolls of toilet paper!?!

"Daddy, why did we wrap that man in toilet paper?!"

This led nicely onto a rousing game of ‘Duck Duck Goose’ to draw the afternoon to a close. Plenty of tired children and lots of smiling faces from children and adults alike.

Throughout the fun and games, it was awesome to see how well all of the kids looked out for each other and how collaboratively they played together. As the number of children at Emmanuel continues to grow, in number and age, my prayer is that these friendships deepen and draw others into the Emmanuel family. Having strong friendships with peers in church will be invaluable for them as they grow up and have to navigate an ever changing, challenging world. These friendships will be a vital help to keep drawing them closer to God.

Additionally, our massive boom in children has been a massive answer to prayer. In recent years, we had very few children at Emmanuel. We prayed for God to bring more children into our church family and now we have over 70! That’s 70 lives for God to transform and use to make a difference in the world. Over the last year we have had to make a few changes to accommodate the number of children we have, from rearranging the groups on a Sunday, to starting a Families Connect group at both sites, and we aren’t finished. God, in his grace, keeps adding to our numbers. We must faithfully continue to serve each of the children as God sends more our way.

"Thank you, Ben. Can we have cake now please?"

Watch this space as we plan more events like this, but bigger...