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Results Day - When God's plan is different

If someone had asked me a year ago, ‘where do you see yourself studying in a year’s time?’, I wouldn’t have replied with Oxford Brookes.

Results Day was a time of uncertainty. My heart was set on studying at a university which offered my dream course, but the grades I received on Results Day meant studying there was not possible. I tried everything from emailing admissions to speaking to people on the phone. Not only had I not got into my first choice university, I also knew instantly that my insurance choice university was not where God wanted me to be. My heart felt unsettled and instead of joining in the results day celebrations with my friends, I spent the day in prayer.

After spending a few hours talking it through with my mentor from church, we prayed about where I should be going. Ultimately, I decided to pray for clarity about my feelings towards my insurance choice and other universities which I had considered. Oxford Brookes came into view and through an extended time of prayer I felt God calling me to Oxford. I didn’t look back, I rung admissions and my place was accepted straight away. The relief I felt was immense and I could begin to feel excited about my new adventure. However, there were still complications!

Due to being late in applying and going through clearing all the halls accommodation was full! This meant I had to travel from York to Oxford and find a house with other students in the same situation as me. I had a few hours to find a university home. It was the most stressful day ever and as the hours went by I was beginning to think that come September I wouldn’t have anywhere to live! Feeling defeated I came back to campus with another student I had met during the house hunting process and we found ourselves surrounded by a few other sulky students. I struck up a conversation with them and they said they hadn’t even seen a single house in all the time we had been down. We came to an agreement and we decided to give it one last go. I managed to get a house viewing with 4 guys I had known for about an hour, I have now been living with them for a year!

God was so gracious in all of this. Everything seemed to be falling apart, but by trusting in Him amongst the uncertainty, He was incredibly faithful. This year has been a complete blessing. I am beginning to heal in past struggles that I have had in my life because I know what it is like to truly trust God in his plan. God also gave me an amazing opportunity to have conversations about faith with my housemates and blessed me with some incredible friendships. This spiritual refreshment has also come from the amazing people I have met here at Emmanuel. Meeting new Christians has really helped to strengthen my faith and I have learnt so much this past year. I really can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us this year!