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STEPS: Find Freedom from Unhelpful Patterns

Everybody struggles with something. From insecurity and fear, to anxiety, addiction, low self-esteem and anger issues, these thoughts and patterns of behaviour can stop us from living our lives to the full. STEPS is a 12-week course that can help you find freedom from unhelpful patterns such as these. Robert & Louise Grayson will be hosting a STEPS course this September. Robert has some information to share about the course:

Louise and I are looking forward to hosting STEPS at the Cherwell Centre in Norham Gardens over twelve Tuesday evenings and one Saturday (morning and afternoon). We've heard and read stories of the freedom people are finding (some of which you can read here: and anticipate more being told here in Oxford.

There are up to a maximum of 16 places available this time round and one of the criteria for allotting them will be the order in which people sign up for the Introductory Evening on September 17th. Please feel free to ask us more about it if you'd like to.