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Student Weekend Away

On the last weekend of January, 28 of us headed off for the Student Weekend Away. It was a great chance to enjoy time away with one another - deepen old friendships and start new ones, but most importantly spend some time encountering God.

Over the weekend we looked at our identity, that we need to be rooted in what God says about us, and the affect that our identity in Christ has on the how we live our lives as his disciples. Here are some testimonies from the weekend away.

“…God has spoken to me about how important it is to maintain a biblical sense of identity.”

“…knowing that I am accepted and God is enough for me. I have been reminded of his love and my sonship which ultimately defines my identity and allows me to walk freely into everything he has for me. Thank you Lord!”

“It’s been great getting closer to others in the group and having deep conversations and being completely honest with each other.”

“He has blessed me this weekend with the friendships I have been desiring”

As well as worshipping and having teaching together we also enjoyed plenty of time with one another, with time to chat and eat cake, play pool or board games, a walk on the Saturday afternoon and a bonfire on the Saturday Evening. All in all it was a fantastic weekend!