Student Weekend Away 2018 cover image

Student Weekend Away 2018

We had a great time away on the annual Student Weekend Away, a group of 31 of us went from Emmanuel, including undergraduates and postgraduate students, and some of us who are no longer students. We were joined by Tim Goodenough from The King’s Church, Mid-Sussex who was our speaker over the weekend.

The weekend is always a great opportunity to refocus on God, and many of the students have commented on how relevant and challenging the talks were for them. Over the weekend we explored the person of the Holy Spirit, how it is God who changes our hearts and gives us new attitudes towards taking risks for him. As well as the importance of settling well in Oxford and trusting God for our future.

We also spent time over the weekend building community as a student group, with a walk on the Saturday afternoon (despite light rain), plenty of time for tea, cake and board games throughout the weekend and a bonfire on the Saturday evening.