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This is what it’s all about

Hello from the Littlemore Connect Group!

We’re near to completing our first full year as a connect group - though, unlike many of the nearly-one-year-old kids at Emmanuel, I think we’re beyond making baby steps, and have stepped out in force in Littlemore.

As a group, we’ve been involved in a number of projects in the area. We’ve operated at great heights (fixing the ceiling of the Village Hall), and also been much more grounded (or at least picked litter off it). We’ve painted murals, varnished sheds, and iced cupcakes. We’ve delivered newsletters, gone on prayer walks, delivered more newsletters, and met the local vicar.

We started the year with only a few ill-formed ideas of the types of things we could do to serve the local area, and no clue as to how to implement them. Pete and Eve persevered, praying, knocking on doors (both actually and metaphorically), and making contacts. It seems that the more doors we’ve knocked on the more opportunities have presented themselves.

We’re excited to see where these opportunities will take us next. In April we painted a mural at the local school, and since then Eve has been approached to master-mind murals on several other walls. I personally can’t wait to pick up a paintbrush again! Then in July we spent a day at the Village Hall doing all kinds of jobs: painting, gardening, cleaning, DIY, and much more. It was great to get to know the people who run the Hall, and we are sure to go back and help out again in the future.

The community in Littlemore has been very open to us helping; they’ve allowed us to join in on the work they’ve already been doing, as well as taking on some new opportunities. It has been a massive privilege to come alongside the loyal and tireless men and women who have been serving the local residents and building community, many for years. We have a lot of learn from them and we’re excited to see how God will use us in Littlemore next year!

To put it in the words of a local man, as Linford delivered the local newsletter: “This is what it’s all about.”